I take pride in admitting that I drew this myself. I’m not the best artist in my family, but darn it I try.

Star Wars is fun. It’s chalked full of action and excitement. I often fantasized finding a lightsaber inside my house and becoming a Jedi. Either that or a fleet of rebels would swoop down and allow me to become a X-Wing fighter pilot. I’d even settle for an A-Wing.

Star Trek on the other hand makes me hopeful that one day we humans will find ways to travel the stars and seek out new and interesting life forms. I could find myself as a science officer taking part in studding aliens and micro life forms.

Both shows scratch an itch that I crave. Both are great shows in their own right. Which would I pick over the other? I do not know.

Which one would you pick? Let me know in the comments down below.

Thunderstruct: By Grayson Towler

What is a webcomic? A webcomic is just a comic that has been published to the internet. I once tried creating my own webcomics but that’s not what this post is about.

So to kick off my #WebcomicThursday with a bang, I’m starting with my very first webcomic. I used to read a lot of Ranma 1/2 fanfiction as a young adult. One story in particular was written by the author of Thunderstruck. Although I did not get pulled deep into the fanfic, I fell head over heals for Thunderstruck.

Thunderstruct is an ongoing webcomic created by Grayson Towler. It follows two sisters with conflicting thoughts on faith. One sister was paralyzed by a drive by, her name is Sharon. Sharon is a die hard Atheist, while Gail, her sister, is a true believer.

One dark and stormy night, Sharon had gotten some really bad news about her paralyzed condition. She rolled down to a pier as it began to rain. I’m not going to spoil what happens next. Something miraculous happens that sets the tone for the rest of the story.

Magic and myth becomes fact. Danger and adventure follows.

In the middle of the story, the author get’s some wonderful news and a job offering. The comic would have ended on a big cliff hanger and I would be forever sad, but he comes back, stronger than ever. The story continues.

I’ve included a link to Thunderstruck on every iteration of the title, or you can click HERE.

Thunderstruck updates once a month at the beginning of each month.

I would recommend reading as I quiet enjoy the story, characters, and plot.

Thomas ‘Tom Cat Studios’

My Current Plans

What are my current plans for my immediate future? Well for starters, my first plan is to keep posting on my website. This plan involves me breaking free of my metaphoric shell. I have a hard time articulating my thoughts.

What should I write about? If I write about myself, than, what should I write? This is both scary and daunting. What if I give too much info about myself? What if I put myself out there and get a bad reception? Would I get a lot of hate? Should I hide myself away, never to brave the unknown?

I think not. I believe that by sharing our life experiences, we become more human. More willing to get past the darkness that lives in us. To learn from one owns life is a gift that should be shared. Now I don’t have all the answers to life, but no one really does. I only have my answers, though they are very subjective.

So I’ll blog about me and other things. I’m thinking of having book reviews here and on my YouTube channel(once I’m able to vlog once again)

I’m currently writing three books. One is a novelette that I’m writing in competition with my two sisters. We challenged ourselves to a mini NaNoWriMo that instead of being in November and needing 50,000 words, we would write a story that had 10,000 to 15,000 words and do it in a week.

The second book is one that I’m writing for myself. It’s an Urban Fantasy story that has magic and guns. Should be fun.

The third book I’m writing will be for the actual NaNoWrimo and will by all science fiction like.

Soon I’ll be living in a bigger place. Once this happens I will be bringing back Let’s Plays and Vlogs. I’m thinking about creating two separate channels to allow those who want to see my face separate from those who just want to see me play video games.

That’s what I will be up to so far. Stay tuned for more!

Where am I?

If you follow me on my YouTube channel, you might be wondering where I am, and what I am doing. Well…

I’ve just recently moved to Arizona USA. I had been living for most of my adult life in Colorado USA, but I needed a change. Colorado had been getting far too expensive for me to live at and I had gained a large chunk of debt trying to live there. I still have that debt.

So I moved to Arizona to live with my mom once again. I don’t think this as a weakness. To live with one’s parents when one cannot live on their own is not a bad thing to me. My loving mom took me in and I am grateful.

Now that I am no longer living on my own, I’m now in an apartment with a bunch of other people trying to survive. There is little time alone that I can work on stuff. My privacy has gone down a lot. So much that I haven’t had the ability to record let’s plays, or blogs.

The good news is that we are hard working on finding a bigger place to live in. Once I have my own room, I will be able to set up my computer to once more record both let’s plays and vlogs. Once that happens I will work hard on growing my channel.

In the meantime I will be posting to my blog once every weekday. Stay tuned.

How I became an Atheist

Even though I was indoctrinated at a young age to believe in Christianity, I never felt comfortable in churches. As a child, I had moved a lot and witnessed many different churches. Although each church shared similarities, there was one common message that they shared: “My way of teaching the gospel is the correct one, and everyone else would lead you down the wrong path.”

When I was in elementary school I was put into a small private christian church that preached the ideology from the Left Behind books. One time they made me watch the movie adaptation of that book. It scared me as a child and what I was told by the leaders of this school, “if this movie scares you, it’s because you’re going to be left behind.”

Let’s just say I’m not the bravest person when watching movies. As a young child I was afraid of the Little Mermaid due to the last fight with Ursula. I get lost in the movies that I watch and I begin to ask myself, “what would I do if I was in this situation?” To be fair, most horror movies don’t allow for the best experiences for the people inside the movies.

My transition from Christian to Atheist would begin with me falling ill to what I now know is a mental illness. This mental illness affected my way of thinking and required medication to allow me to function. The doctors thought I had schizophrenia, but many years later they believe I have schizoaffective disorder. It’s like bi-polar and schizophrenia mixed together to form a much worse condition.

I was in high school when I got ill and I did not immediately lose faith in Christianity. My mental illness didn’t push me away from the church, but rather made me more manipulated. I went to a church did study with young adults my age. One of the lessons said that people got diseases due to something that either they did, or their ancestors did.

This got me thinking. Why am I burdened with a disease that causes me to lose who I am and makes me lose control? Is that part of the all loving god? I’m a nice guy who didn’t get into trouble, nor did I wish trouble on anyone else. Why am I being punished?

A little while later I stopped going to this church and I foolishly stopped my medication. I thought maybe I wasn’t sick. Maybe just maybe I had a mental breakdown in school and now I’m better. Foolish me.

This was around 7-7-2007. With a lack of medication and paranoia of the date, I had thought that this was when god would return and take his believers. My brain broke and I began to wish I was no longer living. I asked god that if he was real, he would take me from this world and let me live among the angels. The next day I woke up and I was still on this planet.

This was the first time I had questioned my faith. My irrational mind started to put pieces of a puzzle together, such as that all gods existed, or none at all. I ended up doing something irrational and I was placed into a mental hospital once more. A different one this time. This is where they found out that I was schizoaffective.

After regaining control of my brain, I had realized that if such a kind and loving god existed, then he cares little for his creations. I took this as a sign that he did not exist. I went from a true believer that was scorned by my own belief, to a more rational and thoughtful person.

I fight every day with my mental disorder. The more it tries to break me, the stronger I get. Although I have been hospitalized many times, I have come to accept my fate of needing to take medication. Well maybe fate is a strong word. It’s more like a necessity.

I can freely say to myself that I do not believe in a kind and loving god. So that’s how I became an Atheist. My mother’s side is still Christian, and to keep the peace, I don’t argue with them out of both love and necessity.

Thomas ‘Tom Cat Studios’